Anger Management (AM) Classes in Fairlawn, OH

On Mondays at 9 AM

Anger is often considered a negative emotion that is best avoided. However, the truth is that anger is a normal emotion and can be experienced in a healthy way. People are motivated to seek out AM for a variety of reasons, from being mandated to do so, to being asked by a loved one to seek help. Whatever the motivation, the issue is nearly always experiencing anger too often. Keeping it pinned up inside of you only makes it feel like you’re going to blow up. Letting it out in an unhealthy way puts others on edge and pushes them away.

At ip.counseling, you can find help to deal with your anger, Call or Email today.

Come to the class and learn how to constructively channel your anger, so that it works well for you. Ilona will work with you, taking into account your reason for seeking class, and together create a plan to help you manage your anger. If needed, Ilona can also work with courts, probation, and parole officers to ensure you meet all mandated requirements.

The ip.counseling offers group and individual AM interventions. Using CBT and Mindfulness AM strategies, the counselor help participants/individuals understand their emotions and cope with them in a healthy manner. The classes meets local court protocols.

Before coming to the first AM class, every participant needs to register.

The span of AM classes is 8 weeks of 60-70 minutes class.

The cost of one AM class is 40$ or if paid in full- 280$*.

The AM classes are held on Mondays at 9am - 10/10.15am

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